Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Tottenham target M'Vila to stay with Rennes, says chairman Frederic de Saint-Sernin

Yann M'Vila
Tottenham's pursuit of Yann M'Vila has come to abrupt end after Rennes chairman Frederic de Saint-Sernin claimed that the French international would not move to England during the current transfer window.

The midfielder had been attracting interest from both Spurs and Arsenal but it seems that if the midfielder is to leave France it will only be to a club in Eastern Europe.

Speaking to RMC, a French Radio Station, Saint-Sernin said: "He will not go to England. Tottenham came back with an offer yesterday at 19.30 but we are 95% sure that he will stay with us.

"He will only leave if a Russian or Ukrainian club makes a proposition [that meets our valuation of the player]".

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